Frequently asked questions ( FAQ)

How long after signing the contract the construction starts?

It is usually about 2-4 weeks once all the permits and documents are available to start. If you're wanting to make a start earlier let us know we can organise the construction earlier if the contract is signed earlier.

Can I see my house during the construction?

Absolutely, we organise site inspection with the owners at every stage so you can see your beautiful home coming together.

Is my house 6 star Energy rating?

Yes all homes must comply with the 6-Star Energy Efficiency as per provisions in the National Construction Code (NCC) of Australia.

Can I make minor amendments to my house during the construction?

Yes, you can make variations during the construction if they are not structural changes, if it involves structural amendments, Engineer and Architect will need to amend the plans before proceeding with the amedments. Bear in mind if it's a small addition or amendment may not cause any delays, but if it's a structural change it could add delays to the project.

Can I customise my house style?

Yes you can customise your house style the way you best like.

Can we upgrade our heating and cooling system?

We encourage our clients to always upgarde their heating and cooling system before entering the contract or if it's not added in the contract to be added in because you will need it anyway, the price may look lower for not adding the cooling system or to a better heating and cooling brand but it will be an additional cost for the client once the house is plastered. We recommend Refrigerated cooling which works best in summer heat but bear in mind Refrigerated cooling is more expensive than Evaporative cooling system.

Does Previan Property Group do Demolishing of an existing house part of the building contract?

Yes we can include demolition of existing house to be part of the contract, but it will be an additional cost from the building cost.

Can Previan Property Group assist me in obtaining Town-planning permit and Building permit?

Absolutely, we assist our client in obtaining the permits for the project.

Do you provide Antenna for the house?

Yes we do provide Antenna for the house.

Do you include landscaping and Driveway?

We can include the landscaping and driveway in the contract to be part of the works or removed from the contract if you wish.

Do I need Bored piers for my house slab?

No, it will depend on the Engineering design to determine whether bored piers are required for your house slab.

Does Previan Property Group assist in applying for First Home Owner Grant?

Yes, we do assist our clients in applying for First Home Owner Grant.

Does lifetime structural Guarantee apply to my house?

Yes, if you're building with us life time strctural gurantee will apply to your house.

Can I get a fixed price contract without additional costs?

Absolutely, we provide fixed price contract for all our clients and clearly listed all the inclusions and if any exclusions such as landscaping.

Where do I start on my project

Call or email us and we will make a start on your project and get you in your Dream home sooner.

Can you assist us with home loan?

Yes, we do assist our clients with home loans.